Jodi has been on our radar since her appearance as the ever-graceful, doe-eyed Jackie Kennedy in the renowned Netflix series “The Crown” back in 2017. Since then we’ve delightedly mused alongside her dreamy, sunlight filtered instagram page where her relatability and groundedness shine through, pointedly in her bio disclaimer where she has reassured us all that “irl things are reliably 30% shittier than this”. The ‘real girl’ appeal coupled with her demonstrated appreciation for the simple pleasures in life and ability to translate their romance onto the (smartphone) screen feels like love at first sight. 

We’ve so enjoyed the tiny pocket of exploration that was created in putting this ‘At Home’ interview together with Jodi, and hope that in discovering it, you too find a sensation of joy, comfort and inspiration to honour your own creativity and flow during this curious time.
Introduce yourself and what you do
I grew up in South Africa but now live in Los Angeles. I act in tv and movies; I cook and drink wine a lot; I dance; I play the ukulele poorly; I travel as much as I can and read novels whenever I’m able. 
What do your days consist of? 
It sort of changes from week to week right now. Early on, I was giving myself full permission to just follow my feelings and do next whatever felt nice. That meant a lot of sleeping in, reading, long walks, lots of home-cooked meals. These days I’m trying to install a little more structure.  I’m joining a zoom-group-of-friends for daily workouts, then trying to learn about writing and directing via Masterclass, then reading something I’m fascinated by and trying to teach myself how to write for the screen. 
But, most certainly, the days start and end the same way. They start with coffee in bed and end with wine outside beside my jasmine bush.

What is the biggest silver lining for you during this time? 
Time. I had been yearning for an empty calendar. Hours with which I could do anything I pleased. Time to finally get back to some neglected hobbies and time to finally learn some things I’ve been wanting to learn. 
What are you grateful for? 
My health, my home, my support system. A job to go back to (hopefully) and economic stability in the interim. I count myself (deeply, deeply) lucky.

What are you currently listening to?
Nina Simone; my Spotify “release radar”; “The Daily” podcast by The New York Times; musings by my meditation teacher, Jeff Kober.
What are you finding to be your common go-to ISO recipe? (can provide the recipe – or if it’s a basic you can just note the meal)
I keep making beans! I’ve also been eating a LOT of cheeky meals, but I keep wanting to also make a giant pot of beans and veggies to have on hand when my body is yelling at me to balance the books. I like to cook Rancho Gordo gigante beans with lots of aromatic veggies and herbs for a long, long time. It makes a very umami, very yummy healthy lunch.
We’ve also been making skillet pizza! With my favourite sourdough pizza dough in the world (LaMorra Pizza) which we’re so lucky to be able to buy here in LA.

Favourite thing about your home? 
Right now, my garden. I feel so privileged to have outdoor pockets of space with sunlight and smells and solitude if I need it.  
What creativity has come from staying home?
More than I expected! I’ve been doing some things creatively that I’ve always wanted to do but felt such imposter syndrome around. I’ve written a thing that I’m excited about. And I made a micro-movie with a friend who is manning this project which includes having her writing community and her acting community collaborate from the confines of our stay-at-home orders.  Tomorrow, I’m finally going to make air-dry clay and hand-build some silly things to stick candles and incense into… or maybe scoop coffee beans with.
How do you end your day?
With natural wine. And television.