Having known Sophia for many years, watching her grow and develop into an incredible entrepreneur and creative has been a joyful and captivating journey. Sophia has always had an aura about her that excels a strong and independent woman – that of which is a key value of St. Agni, so it was only natural to gravitate toward Sophia for our first ‘At Home’ journal.

A Makeup Artist by trade, her talents continue to expand and ultimately inspire. We asked her some questions surrounding how she’s staying inspired and navigating through this time -  we hope it inspires you as much as it does us.
What are you grateful for?
I’m grateful for the unwavering love of my family unit, despite being separated. I’m grateful for my health (which I haven’t always had) and a roof over my head.
I’m a make up artist, I recently relocated back to Melbourne after multiple O/S stints and things were really gaining momentum for me professionally.
Just as I was moving into two of my busiest months of the year, on March 15th my business flat-lined over night, and I’m without work for the foreseeable 7 months. 
I’m very accustomed to not having routine, filling idle time and living in limbo – so I wasn’t unnerved by the sudden cut off from life, as I knew it. I’ve very much taken the ‘it is what it is’ approach to this. I don’t have staff to pay or mouths to feed, so that’s a huge relief. I also don’t get bored… bonus.

Favourite thing about your home? 
I live on the top floor of a late 70’s apartment block. It’s incredibly spacious, open plan and filled with natural light from every angle. I also have my home studio here, so natural light was essential. 

I’m incredibly detail orientated and highly sensitive to my aesthetic surrounds – almost annoyingly so. My parents are art collectors, and I grew up in a home in southern Tasmania that functioned more like a modern/industrial art gallery than a house. It was so uniquely beautiful and often totally impractical, but I loved it, and it shaped my design sensibilities early on.

I’ve been collecting furniture and objects from a young age, but I’ve picked up my favourite pieces whilst I’ve been travelling solidly for the past 3 years during the EU summer/wedding seasons. Anything that evokes curiosity, happiness or a memory/time/place I want a memento of - I’ll buy it. Even if it’s wildly inconvenient, and it often is.

I’ve carried around unglazed ceramics I bought off the side of the road in Cappadocia, Turkey at the beginning of a 4-month Europe stint; I bought a large sheepskin euro pillow cover from a beautiful old man I’d purchased from 18 years prior in Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar, a solid bronze female statue from the best antique store I’ve been to in Bordeaux, and a terracotta woman sunbathing in Palma Mallorca because my friends said her bum looked like mine. There’s a real theme of women. Things we collect are so personal – whilst I’ve been keeping within my own 4 walls, I’ve been transported back to some of my fondest memories and places and I’m more grateful for them now than ever.
What is the biggest silver lining for you during this time?
Weirdly, Clay. You know the things you’ve always wanted to do but all aspects of your busy pre-pandemic life got in the way? Ceramics and Salsa classes have been my nagging two. Salsa’s pretty intimate and not so isolation friendly, so I bought some air drying clay and started sculpting women’s torsos (the theme continues).

Things escalated quickly, and the following week I booked in for a one on one lesson at Ceramiqes Elsternwick to learn pottery. I rented a wheel for home the following day. I find it incredibly cathartic.
One of my favourite quotes, ‘you can’t reflect in running water” really speaks to the value of stillness and idle time. Being forced to sit with yourself is where all the best, sometimes confronting and most transformative stuff happens.
What are you finding to be your common go-to ISO recipe? 
Slow roasts have been the hero of my isolation cooking – namely my favourite 5-hour slow roast lamb. I come from a family of serious foodies and my step mum, Amy, is at the very top of our culinary ladder (she’s also a professional). She has this brilliant knack for breaking down recipes that would otherwise seem incredibly daunting & overwhelming to me into simple steps. I’m isolating alone, so if I roast a lamb shoulder or a leg, I can recreate multiple different meals.

This is the recipe – you’re welcome.

Make a paste to cover the entire top of the lamb with:
- Garlic
- Rosemary
- Smoked paprika
- Olive oil
- Salt & pepped
Sit lamb shoulder on wedges of brown onion & put leftover Rosemary & garlic in pan. Add 2cm of water, wine or stock in pan. Wrap up whole pan with double foil (must be air tight) or use an airtight lid - 150-160 degrees for 4/5 hours - Turn up to 210 degrees for 20mins+ to crisp. Take out & enjoy!
What are you currently listening to? 
A lot of Jazz and instrumental music without lyrics – like Khruangbin. Then I’ll swing the other way entirely & listen to hours D’Angelo & Bob Marley.

What’s inspiring you right now?
Interiors, objects and textures. Interestingly, make-up hasn’t felt like something I’ve wanted to lean into right now. I could be creating tutorials or more beauty content like a lot of friends have suggested, but I don’t push myself to do anything I don’t genuinely want to do, that world feels a little tone deaf to me right now.
I think it’s easy to feel boxed in by the parameters of what we do for work, and worry it could be confusing or ‘off brand’ to venture outside of that. Our identity is more than what we do for work and this is a rare gift of time to give more air to other creative ventures - without putting pressure on them to bring you anything of monetary value. If it does, great, but that’s not the purpose.

What are your favourite at home rituals? 
Clay, cooking and cleaning aside, my PM skincare routine’s getting more indulgent by the day. You can watch what I use and why on a recent live I did and saved as an IGTV on my instagram, @sophiapafitis.
What are you wearing at home? 
Right now… an oatmeal terry towelling track pant set & my sheepskin slides. Anything soft with stretch is on high rotation and I’ve burnt all my underwire bras (not really but I want to).

What are you most looking forward to post social isolation?
I can’t wait to hug my friends and family, get on a plane to decent beach and go on a great date.