Focus: AGMES

AGMES is led by sisters Morgan and Jaclyn Solomon. They founded the company in 2016, combining sculptural forms and precious materials with thoughtful design and artisan craftsmanship, AGMES creates pieces that are at once distinctive and enduring. Handmade in New York City, each piece is appealing to the eye, inviting to the touch, and destined to become an heirloom. Now available in St. Agni boutiques and online - we are excited to introduce you to AGMES...

Please tell us a bit about how AGMES came to be?
M - AGMES was started in 2016, having been encouraged to do so by a dear friend of mine. After working in the buying world for a few years, he encouraged me to take the leap and follow this dream of mine. He soon after passed away, but he continued to be my driving force and inspiration. I combined both of our initials to come up with AGMES, and now I have a beautiful reminder of him each and every day.
At the same time, my sister Jaclyn had just resigned from her job as a sweater designer at Proenza Schouler. We had teamed up initially to work on some creative projects before the launch, and one thing led to another, naturally leading us to work together going forward.
Each piece is designed to defy tends and handmade to last for generations - what inspires your designs?
- Our collection is inspired by architecture and art, the built environment and the natural world, from urban landscapes to work by the likes of Alberto Giacometti, Man Ray, Barbara Hepworth, and Ellsworth Kelly.
Which element of AGMES do you thrive off most?
M - We’re hyper-conscious about creating pieces that are easy to wear and comfortable. We try to keep all of our earrings very light weight – even though they may look quite substantial, most of them are so light that you can wear them all day and forget to take them off before bed! The balance between comfort and style is very important to us as a general rule.
J - Sustainability has always been very important to us, and we feel that now more than ever it’s crucial to keep our environmental footprint as small as possible. There is so much waste in this industry, and it’s our responsibility to make sure we’re not adding to the problem. We design timeless styles in precious materials that last a lifetime, in hopes of reducing the overconsumption of consumers today. We also use only recycled metals for all our jewellery. Any excess metal that hasn’t been used in our jewellery is melted and repurposed for new pieces.
Being based in NYC, how has navigating through this difficult time been?
M - It’s definitely been a weird time in NYC, as it is all across the globe these days. We’re a small team and operate more like an extended family - so we take health and safety very seriously here and want everyone we work with to be comfortable, safe, and happy. That being said, we’ve been so fortunate to have the support of our team, our community, and our customers, and it’s helped us navigate and adapt through the changing landscape and needs.
What's your favourite piece and why?
 J - I love the Small Vera because they’re so lightweight you can wear them all day and completely forget you’re wearing jewellery at all.

M - The Medium Celia’s are my go-to these days. The sculptural shape makes them unique yet understated, and the size is great for everyday.