Focus: BRÆR

Founded in 2015, Georgia Potter and Azzmin Rayment are the creative minds behind Brær. We have the pleasure of having these two delightful and talented women as our neighbours in Soko Space. Born under their mutual passion for Australian native flowers and their commitment to the Slow Flowers Movement, they continue to captivate us with their creations.

Please tell us a bit about yourselves? 
We're both flower addicts, gardeners and full time seekers of beauty. Georgia is a musician in the band Moreton (@moreton_) when she’s not making flowers she's writing music and singing . Azzmin has two tall and talkative boys - Jimmy and Theodore - that keep her really busy and has just finished building a very special eco-home for her family in Mullumbimby.

How did you meet each other?
We met each other freelancing for our mates Beautiflora, got chatting about our ethics within floristry and found we had the same intentions - to raise awareness about local, seasonal flowers and the ways the flower industry has become hazardous to the environment. We stalked each other on Instagram after our shift together and decided to meet up.  It was really a kind of love at first sight between us to be honest.  Azzmin thought George was funny, and Georgia could tell Azzmin was a visionary full of truly singular ideas. George already had a few freelance events booked in and Azzmin was making small local bunches at @dailycounter_ (who we are once again working with at Soko Space) so we decided to combine our efforts and start a business. 

Tell us a bit out about how ‘Braer’ came about? 
Soon after deciding to team up, we serendipitously found a studio in Mullumbimby with the most amazing light and just started playing and taking photos for our very new instagram. In those early days, we were lucky to meet Lara & Paris from St Agni and photographer Lisa Sorgini for our first official styled shoot and things started moving quickly from there.  At the time, four years ago, we were one of the only florists in Australia offering a flower service using only Australian-grown flowers, no imported products, no additional plastic and free toxic floral foam.  This movement in floristry is called Slow Flowers and we are so happy to see it's really taking hold around Australia and the world.  Flowers are nature, and so we feel florists have a responsibility to uphold and improve the business of flowers.  

What is the concept behind the Braer space? 
Our studio is an intentionally simple workspace where we practice our ikebana, making arrangements for our clients and friends, and of course pretty wrapped bunches for those that pop by.  It's our humble stage for the incredible blooms that are grown in Northern NSW and other local Australian regions. It's also a chance for us to connect with the other business at Soko Space who we've known and worked with for a long time, and their extended community.  

What is your favourite thing about working with flowers?
Their beauty and singularity keeps you in the present moment.  Even on a busy day, there is always one stem from every bunch that is worth a pause to be admired for its swirl or twist, its rogue stripe, speckle or perfect geometry.  It's a reminder of the majesty of nature and sometimes it's hard to believe we exist in the same world as them.  

What does the future have in store for Braer?
We'll be diving deeper into our Ikebana practice and sharing that with our community.  We want to make arrangements that stir feelings in the viewer, that amplify the unexpected beauty of flowers and flora.  We want to continue sharing responsibly grown flowers with people to enjoy in their homes and on their special occasions and share in the beauty of the seasons with our customers.

 Photography by Amelia Fullarton