FOCUS: Lizzy Pike

In the latest Journal, we focus on Lizzy Pike, founder of Face Halo, a reusable makeup remover that ticks all the boxes: effective, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and cost efficient. Having common values St. Agni was excited to partner with Face Halo for Afterpay Australian Fashion Week, banning single use wipes backstage as part of our on-going commitment to consider our environmental impact. Lizzy's 15-year background in fibre technology inspired her to create a solution and be the change to the billions, yes billions, of face wipes ending up in landfill everyday.

Tell us a bit about yourselves? What is a typical day in the life? 
My days are never the same, which can be very exciting! During COVID my Husband bought a coffee machine and has been mastering his barista skills since and makes me a coffee every morning (such a win!). So I usually wake up read my emails and have my coffee, and that's how I start my day! Then I head off to the office to see my team, sit in meetings, do more emails, and if I'm lucky I might be able to get to a 6pm Yoga class. Because Face Halo is a global brand some nights we have meetings up until 11pm at night - so it's really important to take time for myself, even if it is just one hour!
Tell us a bit about how Face Halo came to be? 
I realised there wasn't a makeup removal product on the market that ticked all the boxes - one that was quick, effective, safe for your skin and good for the planet. With my 15 years of experience in fibre technology I was able to create Face Halo - the most awarded sustainable makeup remover globally! Oh and it had to look good in my bathroom. 
Which element of Face Halo do you thrive off most? 
I think the most rewarding part is changing the way the world see's makeup removal. Makeup removal, has always just been one of those things you have to do and I think the impact of single-use wipes was never deeply considered until recently. Being able to lead that conversation, educate people and be the change, is definitely the most rewarding. So far, Face Halo has prevented over 1 billion makeup wipes from ending up in landfill and I can't wait to continue to lead the charge on banning single use makeup wipes. 
Being 4 years in to Face Halo, what does the future look like for the brand? 
We want to keep being the change! For the future I want to keep showing people how easy it is to make more sustainable choices.
How has the journey been since conception, what obstacles have you had to overcome? 
I love having my own business, however, there's definitely challenges along the way! It can be a real rollercoaster of highs and lows and long hours. COVID-19 has created a lot of uncertainty in the world and  we've had to overcome and adapt to all the challenges that's bought to the business world and retail world. But there are also many rewards that make it all worth while.
What influences your personal style? 
I love classic and chic styles, I was secretly super excited to be able to wear St. Agni during fashion week as their style is like heaven to me.
What are your thoughts on the future of the retail industry? What do you see changing and what excites you most about this? 
What excites me about where retail is heading is that more brands and retailers are realising that we all need to be more environmentally conscious. Consumers are now looking for brands that are contributing to looking after our planet and the retail industry is starting to listen and collaborate.
What is inspiring you at the moment?  
To be honest, my 3 children inspire me, they are hardworking they put themselves through university and they are kind human beings – I am one lucky mum.