Focus: Yeah, Nice Gallery

We’ve known Jordi and Holly for a while now. These two incredibly talented creative minds have continued to inspire and we are thrilled to have them as neighbours in Soko Space. Their inspiring gallery Yeah, Nice is based in Byron Bays arts and industrial estate; a two woman team, a space for sharing art, admiring the diversities of creativity, a place to connect.

Since opening originally in Mullumbimby, NSW, the Yeah, Nice founders have created a community within Byron to pause and appreciate art. Their recent exhibition “Will There Ever be a Rainbow” by Lucas Geor, has been described as "characters of yesteryear, rendered abstract through crucial brushstrokes and seemingly arbitrary use of colour. Recounting the bold lines of the 'wild style', NYC subway graffiti artists, the abstracted perspectives of Master Cubists like Picasso, and influenced by disparate artistic mediums - a century of the avant-garde, vintage sign-writing, advertising, animation - Lucas’ painting synthesises fine details and his tongue-in-cheek humour through an assured, lyrical spontaneity.” Allowing us to enjoy art while having a drink, or rather indulging in some dumpling baby, Good Publishing’s book stand set as the centre piece of the space with a curated collection of independent publishing’s and vintage books. 

We take you inside Yeah, Nice as we chat with the women who make it happen. 

How did you meet each other?
We met in 2010 in Byron and lived in the same share-house. The exact meeting is a little blurry and probably involved cask wine and questionable music.

Tell us a bit out  about how ‘Yeah, Nice Gallery’ came about? 
We both always talked about how fun it would be to start a gallery one day. Jordi is an artist and we both have a love of the arts. When the perfect little cheap rental space came up in 2018 in Mullumbimby (our first gallery space before Acacia Street) we took the plunge and started with some amazing local artists. We haven't looked back, we now run one show a month.

What is behind the name Yeah, Nice? 
You know when you're in a gallery looking at a piece of art or listening to a song and someone asks you what you think about it? What do you respond with? Yeah, Nice. It's a tongue-in-cheek name, perhaps a bit of a cop out to your real opinion? Nice is also such an underrated word, it's cute and we love it.

You host a variety of different art, how do you choose which artist to exhibit? 
Many artists are friends or friends of friends and others are people whose work resonates with us. We take submissions and also hunt out talent. We want to make art approachable and fun. The calibre of works needs to be high but we also want to keep the vibes and mood a little low-fi. Art should be available to everyone to enjoy. 

Both having small children, how do you juggle the work/life balance? 
With great difficulty! Any working parent can attest to the juggle. It helps that we are friends and mums and both have other commitments, so we understand what that looks like. We can be flexible and support each other. There's a toy basket behind the desk in the gallery and there's usually at least one of our kids in there with us. Running our own show means we make it work for us, which isn't always the case in other areas of our working lives.

If you could host any artist in the gallery, who would it be? 
Holly: Ed Templeton or Freda Kahlo. Maybe some spoken word by Nick Cave.
Jordi: Brett Whiteley, Helen Frankenthaler and Agnes Marten 

Imagery by Amelia Fullarton
Art by Lucas Geor "Will There Ever be a Rainbow"