In Her Shoes: Amelia Fullarton


Considering the word mum for this special edition lead me to explore the origins of the word.

Mum; the origin of us all, in fact.

Mum has grown into the divine tree of life that we recognise today, from Latin roots. Seeded in the word matr. Another off-shoot of this is our English word matter - as in, the composition of anything in physical existence. Matter, can also be defined as something under consideration.

St. Agni | In Her Shoes | Amelia Fullarton

I find this to be a particularly beautiful stemming of language, especially when we acknowledge the perpetual state of consideration for others that all mothers are in. Not to mention, the literal vessel for realising physical existence that they embody.

How potent that a simple pondering of language, can blossom into a profound recognition of the circle of life; of mother nature, and those we’re rooted to, and who keep us grounded.

Mum’s the word today, so thank you to all of you, for everything that you are, and do.

We hope that today (and everyday) you are able to press your own pause button and do something just for you, to celebrate you. After all, they say it’s the little things that matter most in life… a testament echoed back to us in our chat with friend, mother, photographer and muse, Amelia Fullarton…

In your own words, please tell us what you do…

I'm a photographer + Co-founder of Millk.

Where are you from, and how did you come to be living life as you know it?

I’m originally from Sydney, I’ve been living in Byron for the past 10 years. l fell in love with a very crazy and wild local boy when l was 21 and never left…

Which element of your work do you thrive off the most?

I thrive on photography being my thing, my creative outlet. It keeps my mind ticking, I need that.

No-one can ever take it from me, it’s something l will always have for myself, away from my kids and partner.

Amelia Fullarton Photographer | Milkk

What is it about photography that you love?

For me photography allows me to hold on to the moments l don’t want to forget. It’s my pausing button that l just want to keep pressing.

When l shoot weddings, l feel like it’s a little gift l can give back to someone. Like, “here you go here’s something l can give you that will make you feel good for the rest of your life!”.

That’s pretty nice. 

What is your favourite part of the process?

I think l like to see things in pictures. Sometimes l look at something and imagine it in a square and think that would be a nice frame. I like the process of creating the frame, almost like decorating a room.

What do you like to photograph?

Humans. Especially small ones.

St Agni In Her Shoes Journal Amelia Fullarton

Beauty is looking at a woman and knowing she is comfortable in her own skin. It’s a change in conception of what we are told is beautiful in our culture.

St Agni Aleta Slingback Almond

What does beauty look like to you?

Beauty is looking at a woman and knowing she is comfortable in her own skin. It’s a change in conception of what we are told is beautiful in our culture.

An old French woman, covered in wrinkles, with grey hair, dressed well, drinking her black morning coffee, reading the newspaper, smelling like roses. That’s beauty. 

What is your favourite part of being a mother?

A feeling of my heart being so full, like literally (l know it sounds corny). l feel like it might burst every day. No one can ever explain to you that feeling, words aren’t enough. It’s just too big and too great. 

What has been the biggest lesson so far on your motherhood journey?

Letting go. The whole process from pregnancy to birth, to having a tiny baby to have a little girl. It’s this journey of complete surrender. Of knowing that you’re not always going to be in control of what happens anymore. I’ve luckily had three natural, drug-free births, and being in that sort of pain is a feeling of being the closest to death you're ever going to be, and you have to breathe through it all. There is a point where you literally think you’re going to die, you just have to trust in your body and know that it’s going to be okay. From that day on, when you see your babies face for the first time and you’ve gone through the experience of birth (whatever it might have been for you) you know that your life has changed forever…

 Birth is the very first step in knowing, that there’s going to be a lot more breathing, a lot more letting go, and a lot more telling yourself that everything is going to be okay on really fucking hard days.

St Agni | In Her Shoes: Amelia Fullarton

What has been the biggest joy?

Little tiny things. When they tell me they love me, or wrap their arms around my neck and squeeze me and in that moment l know they are so little and they need me. Lying next to them and watching them fall asleep. The fleeting, beautiful moments in-between all the chaos.

Do you have a morning ritual?

Coffee, coffee, coffee.

What does your ideal Sunday entail?

Sleeping in, coffee in bed, cuddles in bed. More bed. Coffee... then wine.


Photography by Lisa Sorgini | @lisa.sorgini
Words by Ellen Watts | @_theatelier_