In Her Shoes: Bianca Gregg

Bianca Gregg – or just ‘B’ as she is known far and wide - is a true Aquarian queen in our eyes. Characterised as being advanced, creative, independent and humanitarian, B’s innate Aquarian nature has no doubt played a vital part in the unfolding of her (rather spellbinding) story. B is the Global Sales Director and Founder of the fashion wholesale and consultancy company Del Rainbow. If you ask her though, B will tell you that she is actually a storyteller and that it’s her true motivation to share the authentic message and intention of the people and brands she represents to the world. On a personal level her wish is to encourage others to be unapologetically themselves. To shine their individual light and fulfil their upmost potential to impact our world for the better in any big or small way.

Have courage and be kind’ is not just a line from the infamous Cinderella fairytale, it is also Bianca’s proven pathway to a real life happy ending. Bianca’s story is one of a girl who strove to stay true to herself, and as a result built a queendom of her own in which she is able to continue to flourish as the beaming woman she is today, sharing her light and magic with everyone along the way. Rare as a unicorn and worth more than her weight in gold, this special human is cut from a cloth woven in positivity and charm. 

We know everyone loves a happy ending - especially since all happy endings are really just happy beginnings - so as 2018 draws to a close and you think about what your story could be in the year ahead, may you feel inspired by our friend Queen B to tap into your own power and trust that anything is possible if only you'd just believe in magic. 

In your own words, please tell us what you do.
I am the founder of Del Rainbow, a global fashion wholesale and consultancy company. We have the pleasure of representing carefully selected brands that I wholeheartedly believe in and hold a passion for, one of which is the incredible St. Agni!

My team and I work on a global sales strategy for each brand to position and align them in the market place. We work on cultivating consistency, positive growth and fostering long-term retailer partnerships. My role involves connecting leading retailers and brands each season through regular showcasing of collections at Fashion Week in New York and Paris, as well as presenting the brands here on home soil in Australia. 

I like to think of myself as a storyteller because it’s really my motivation in work to connect the right people to the core intention and message of our brands and the unique talent behind them. It’s important to me that the world gets to experience the authenticity and humanness behind the brands we represent. Ultimately I hope that through sharing the stories of the unique talent I represent, then people will embrace the brands and develop the kind of deep connection with them that I myself have been fortunate to establish. 

Where are you from, and how did you come to be living life as you know it?
I spent most of my childhood in the small coastal town Coffs Harbour on the mid north coast of NSW, Australia. When I finished school I moved to Sydney and in the seven years that followed, rapidly worked my way through some very big life lessons. I am incredibly grateful for this period as it truly shaped who I am today and my ability to stand for what I believe in, stay in my power and follow my intuition.

During this time I started my journey with energetic healing and threw myself into learning about it all. It’s a big part of who I am now and what I do. I have worked in the fashion industry for nearly ten consecutive years. I have worked for some very interesting and amazing characters and experienced the ultimate highs and lows of the industry, all of which have propelled me to step outside the box and do things differently. It became paramount to me that I be able to operate as my truest self and only work with beautiful humans and in my own way. 

My fiancé Arlen and I decided to leave Sydney and the intensity of the city to find harmony and grounding back on the coast where the mountains meet the sea. We briefly relocated back to our hometown Coffs Harbour before migrating further north to Byron Bay and setting up our Del Rainbow HQ earlier this year. We now have the most amazing team and feel content in recognising that we’ve finally found our forever home in the hills on 100 acres in Goonengery! We share our property with our two horses Pretty Boy and Crystal and most dear to my heart, our British bulldogs Meatloaf and King. 

I am lucky to work with my fiancé who is also the co-director of Del Rainbow and my all-time encourager! From our serene home base here we’re able to live our dream of travelling the world for work each year. Our lifestyle has a wonderful contrasting, energetic harmony for me. I’m a true ambivert so to be able to step fluidly from the fast-paced global fashion scene into this idyllic life in the hinterland that we’ve created here is a dream come true. 

What did you want to be growing up?
A Lawyer funnily enough! In hindsight, I think I was simply seeking a vocation that would enable me to have a voice for others and position me to support the people and things I am passionate about and share their stories.  

That vision quickly shifted when I actually attended University and began studying, I found it completely unfulfilling and numbing. I just wasn’t lit up and wasn’t listening to my internal guidance system. I remember the exact moment when I thought of fashion as a possible career path to pursue. I was living with my Aunt and Uncle in Sydney returning home each day from University knowing something was missing when my Aunty Charlie (who is more like a sister to me) said' love fashion so much, why don’t you just go and do that?' Nothing has ever resonated more in my life, so the very next day I set out to do just that. When you are on the right path and that of least resistance, everything flows perfectly. I was fortunate enough to have an interview set up for me for an internship at APC Magazines (now Bauer Media Group) and this is where my fashion journey began... nice and cozy in a fashion cupboard. 

What are you passionate about?
Outside of Del Rainbow and the fashion world, I am passionate about energetic healing. I recently completed my Energetic Healing Course with my spiritual running buddy / ultimate teacher and guide, Martine Robertson, surrounded by some other powerful women. I have been drawn to energetic healing since my very first experience back in 2009 and I have had an urge to keep learning, practising and experiencing this. I believe in owning yourself, your triggers, communicating, learning to balance your masculine and feminine energies and stepping into your individual light. Undertaking this has been an important journey for me and I’ve discovered that this path not only helps ones self, but shines outward to the world and helps to liberate others in the same way. 

“I believe in owning yourself, your triggers, communicating, learning to balance your masculine and feminine energies and stepping into your individual light. Undertaking this has been an important journey for me and I’ve discovered that this path not only helps ones self, but shines outward to the world and helps to liberate others in the same way.” 

Which element of your work do you thrive off the most?
I love that each day I can turn every challenge into an opportunity to create a positive outcome. I thrive in the fast paced and thinking on my feet. Developing new ideas and creating magic with others happens daily, when we are all bouncing off one another and the energy is magnetic. 

What does a ‘normal’ day entail for you?
The beauty of my life is that nothing is ever ‘normal’. It keeps things very fresh! I am a high energy person so I thrive in this and am very productive whilst being very open to flow with what comes my way.

When I wake up I will scan through my emails on my iPhone in bed and return to anything urgent whilst still on the international time zone, equipping myself for the day ahead. Once I get into the office it will be a quick connect and hello with the team, chat about the day ahead and happenings, then off into the emails! On average in a busy period I will receive over 200 emails per day, which I prioritise and dive into. These come in from buyers, stores, and clients. We are always chatting about exciting new things and what we can create! We are working 6-8 months in advance, so it is very thrilling to work in such capacity and always looking forward. I also clock loads of phone time connecting with buyers checking on sell through, processing wholesale orders, doing product training, developing marketing plans to assist this and managing any situation that may arise in the day.

In the market time periods (which are very intense three-four month periods each in the year) a day will be spent pitching the new season collections to our existing and prospective clients, booking appointments for our market showings around the globe and having the joy of taking buyers through the ranges during Fashion Week. A day of showings and buyer meetings is by far my favourite kind of day. If I am in Byron, once we wrap for the day we will take the dogs for a beach walk and hit the road for our lovely drive home through the hills, light a fire and settle in for the eve. If we are at market overseas, we will wrap the showings for the day and head to dinner with one of our last appointments. In Paris, this looked like a lot of risotto and aperol’s! We love catching up on a personal level with clients so this is such a treat after a big day to unwind together.

“I like to think of myself as a storyteller because it’s really my motivation in work to connect the right people to the core intention and message of our brands and the unique talent behind them. It’s important to me that the world gets to experience the authenticity and humanness behind the brands we represent.”

What does beauty look like to you?
On an energetic level, authenticity. When you can truly connect with someone in their vulnerability or feel them embracing who they are, this is the most beautiful. I am a big promoter of diving in and facing every aspect of yourself.

On a surface level, this looks like a refreshing rose water spray, followed by N.E.O face oil by Vanessa Megan and Glossier priming moisturiser. I love feeling as dewy as possible! I rarely wear makeup, so I am all about the oils. I have worn Gypsy Water by Byredo for as long as I can remember and spritzing myself with this scent harnesses me before I walk out the door to start the day.  

What are three things that are inspiring you right now?
The growth in the year ahead. Women doing incredible things. The constant reminder to step into love and see all things through this.

Who, or what are you listening to right now?
I am a hiphop, gangster rap lover at heart, but my playlists are always such a mixed bag. My ‘recently added playlist’ on my iPhone at this moment features Migo’s, The Game, A$AP Rocky, Cardi B, Fleetwood Mac, Bee Gees and INXS. A very mixed bag indeed! The podcast I love and listen too frequently is 'The High Low’ by Dolly Alderton and Pandora Sykes. I secretly (or now not so secretly) fan girl out for Pandora Sykes, she is brilliant. 

Do you have a morning ritual?
When I wake up the first thing I do is check under the bed to see if my dogs are snoozing or awake and then I go and sit on the rug and they come out for cuddles. It fills up my cup before I start the day. I then step outside to the property and feed the horses carrots, they know my time table and are waiting every morning at the fence for me. From here it is off to Allpress for a Soy Latte with honey (the sweeter the better). The girls are so wonderful at Allpress and know our daily order, but what I really love is that they know I share a scone with Arlen each morning, so now they seperate the scone and give us extra butter for both sides! 

What do you do to unwind?
This is a challenging one for me as I haven’t really allowed myself to do this properly in a while. It is a goal for me to clock in more ‘me’ time to connect and unwind in 2019! Meditating is everything, mindfulness is huge for me as a practice and very important to assist with aligning and connecting back in with myself and clearing. I love to try and set aside an hour of self nurture time when Im craving it to say hello to myself, give myself a moment to tune in and be ready to step back out into the world. A good soak in an epsom salt bath doesn’t go astray. 

What does your ideal Sunday entail?
A luscious sleep in with no alarm followed closely by a drive into Byron town to Bayleaf for breakfast. They do an incredible sweet potato flat bread that I get every time. My body thanks me after this meal and their coffee is quite wonderful too. Then a session at Belongil Beach with Arlen, Meatloaf and King setting up a beach umbrella and watching them play with the other dogs whilst having timely ocean swims. In the eve if I have a gin and tonic in hand and a movie, that is a Sunday well done. 

What is your favourite travel destination and or/ where are you off to next, and why?
My favourite destination in the world is Paris. The energy and magic there is on it's own level, the woman are so chic and it never gets old no matter how many times you have been. I feel so many emotions in Paris, it makes me very alive and present. Next we are off to New York in February for our AW19 market during NYFW and I am hoping for some snow!

What is happiness to you?
This would most certainly be when I can be a part of someone’s journey in a positive way. With Del Rainbow, it gives me that really beautiful blissful feeling when I see everyone we work with reach goals, create or just being thrilled. That to me is so fulfilling and it brings me pure happiness. Also spending time with my loved ones, receiving hugs and eating out. I live for dining out - especially with friends - something I count as one of my ‘hobbies’.

What are your personal superpowers?
Seeing greatness in others, empowering as many as I can and embracing everyone with positivity and love.

If you could give your younger self any advice based on everything you know now, what would it be?
Everything is perfect as it is, always.

Words by Ellen Watts | @_theatelier_ 
Photography by Georgia Storay | @georgiastoray