In Her Shoes: Lauren Trend

Lauren Trend is one of few unique souls we know who has whole heartedly devoted her time and energy to the exploration of self-reflection and inspired action. As founder of multidisciplinary hub Self Practice, Lauren encourages all individuals to indulge in their well-being, to connect with ones-self through a variety of practices and ultimately to take part in compassionate and continued self-practice.

Lauren has since built a rather incredible community, that has allowed individuals to connect and support one another, and to also communally explore the intersect between well-being, art and design.

Lauren’s vision reminds us that, “the most important relationship we have in our lives is that with ourselves…” 

Please describe yourself in three words…
Warm, driven, impassioned.

Where are you from, and how did you come to be living life as you know it?
I grew up on the Mornington Peninsula - near the sea and on a farm. As a young adult I spent nearly a decade living in the city (Melbourne), and had a full circle moment earlier this year, having moved back down the coast, with my partner Lucy.

Please tell us about Self Practice and how it all began?
Self Practice is a community and research platform exploring the intersect of well-being, art and design. It began as a very personal endeavour, a project born to acknowledge and include every part of my own self: creative, intellectual, physical, emotional, political.

In a few short months, it fast became something much bigger than myself, and has since grown into a world-wide community and multifaceted platform.

Do you have a morning ritual?
I wake up, kiss my partner then sip on a glass of warm lemon water whilst checking my emails.

What are three things that are inspiring you right now?
Minority-owned small businesses making it through one of the hardest years, our healthcare workers and members of the community who are selflessly of service, day in, day out.

What is one thing you do consistently to take care of yourself?

When you’re not giving energy to Self Practice, where can we find you – what else do you love to do?
At the beach, walking my dogs Poppy & Roux, spending time with friends and family, prioritising rest.

Who, or what are you listening to right now?
Our Gallery Visits Playlist on Spotify 

If you could give your younger selves any advice based on everything you know now, what would it be?
You already know that everything you're going through will lead to you shine so brightly in the future. So keep going, know that you truly matter and that you are loved beyond measure.


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Images by Lucy Higgins