In Her Shoes: Lisa Buhler

Lisa Buhler is the brains, flair and endearing cheer behind cult favourite online boutique Lisa Says Gah where gals, good looks and ‘Gah’ moments collide. After leaving L.A. and her job as a buyer for Nasty Gal five years ago to follow her heart (and now husband) to San Francisco, Lisa created her celebrated site because she wanted to get information, inspiration and new clothes all in one place. Stemming from a blog she started back in 2009, the title ‘Lisa Says Gah’ relates to a personal and favourite expression of this authentic, animated and captivating lady…

“…I’d always said: "Gah!" overreacting to certain things and getting excited, and that’s what it means for the shop – it’s that feeling you can’t put your finger on, you’re just really excited about it and it makes you say ‘"gah!" It’s fun, playful, and not so serious, which is something we try to present with the store.”

The Lisa Says Gah gang (us included) references the site first and foremost for rejuvenating, unpretentious content and inspiration. The direct channel to fresh designer items on the frontier of stylish trends is just more like a bonus.
Describing her current style muse as a hybrid of “Diane Keaton meets Solange meets Chloë Sevigny” we know that like most of us IRL, Lisa is juggling many hats, each worthy of celebration and equal in sass, originality and thoughtfulness. Here’s what we learned about Lisa when we took a moment to chat recently about what life is like in her shoes…
 Please describe yourself for us in three words…
Intuitive, calm, optimistic.
What’s your earliest memory of feeling pure, unbridled joy?
I was probably ice skating. I freaking loved it, but alas, I was too tall to go professional.
How many places have you lived and where is home for you now?
I was raised in southern California. I moved to San Francisco from Los Angeles five years ago.
In your own words, please tell us what you do?
I own and run an online shop and brand, Lisa Says Gah. We stock independent designers, like St. Agni, and develop our own in-house product in San Francisco. 
My focus at work is creative direction, managing our team, and photographing and merchandising all our products. Yes, everything we stock has me saying “Gah!".
Which element of your work do you thrive off the most?
Collaborating with designers, photographing our product, and having a happy team.
How else do you spend your time?
In Mendocino County, north of San Francisco. My husband and I have a cabin in the county there. It's my reprieve from the city. We hike, read, relax, cook and enjoy unobstructed views of nature.
What is one thing you do consistently to take care of yourself?
Reading helps me relax. It's the perfect respite to a constant working scheduling. A recent favourite was "Educated" by Tara Westover.
What does beauty look like to you? 
These days, I'm aiming for less makeup, more facials. 
What is inspiring you right now?
Powerful women speaking their truth in our reckless political climate and nature. Nature is always inspiring to me. It's so important to protect what we have. 
Who, or what are you listening to right now?
Anything on our Gah-ffice Spotify. I'll admit, I'm rediscovering some early 2000s hits. 
If you could give your younger self any advice based on everything you know now, what would it be?
Write more letters, tell people you love them, and engage in conversation with strangers. 
What is happiness to you?
Laughter. Is there nothing sweeter than sharing a good laugh with friends or anyone for that matter? It's human and connection.  
Words by Ellen Watts @_theatelier_