A salute to natural earth formations and embodiment of the concept of creation, our latest and all-encompassing collection, La Forme, was designed to celebrate strong and independent women.

Setting the tone for collections to come, La Forme is the first time we have developed and released a complete release across all three categories of footwear, apparel and accessories.

To celebrate this milestone and give insight into the St. Agni creative process, we sit down with Co-founder and Creative Director, Lara Fells, and Head Designer, Erika Toscano, to discuss the collection.
What images/experiences/influences did you draw upon in creating La Forme?

Lara: The La Forme collection was inspired by the earth, the natural formations it has created and the rich colour palette it has to offer. We wanted the collection to feel empowering and strong, while still feeling feminine and soft - trying to find harmony between the two. 

Erika: The human form and earth tones were the main inspirations for me when designing La Forme. I wanted to focus on strong silhouettes, lines and tailoring in the pieces to complement the female figure.

Tell us a little about the creative process in designing these pieces?

Lara: This collection is the first that Erika and I worked on together and it’s the start of our journey working together and I can really feel that in the collection. You can see both of us and our personalities in each of the pieces. The concept of the collection was really based around shapes, and silhouette's - we made all our samples in white and then we worked on the textures and colour palette together.

Erika: I don’t think we have a structured process that we follow for each collection. Generally, it begins with an idea and then we start to research fabrics and colours. Sometimes we have fabrics that we really want to use and this helps us with the idea of the collection. La Forme was the first time that Lara and I worked together, so it was kind of everything at the same time! We like to create pieces that accentuate silhouettes and make the pieces very feminine, in earthy tones and as much natural material as possible.
How do you think this collection has evolved from your last?

Lara: This is our strongest collection to date and I think the apparel has become more refined and sophisticated since the last collection. The selection of fabrics were more considered. 

Erika: As this was the first collection that I worked on with Lara it was more of an experiment, and a process of understanding how each one of us worked. It was also St. Agni’s first apparel offering to stores, and the biggest campaign shoot production.

You made the choice to pivot towards exclusively natural fibres in this collection, why was this an important decision for you?

Lara: We really love working with natural fabrics, I love how they feel to wear and how they age so gracefully. One of my pet hates is a beautifully cut piece of clothing produced in a synthetic fabric, you see it so much in mass retail but also surprisingly in smaller brands - I don't want to compromise our product for margin or price point, it's a line I won’t cross. 

Erika: Not only do we live in a more environmentally conscious society but being more accountable for your impact on the planet is no longer a choice, it’s essential. We are aware of the harms to the planet and the people, so we are always working on improving and creating a sustainable collection. Also, we find the natural fibres look and feel much better than synthetic -  it’s always more chic and elegant.
What are your personal favourite pieces from this collection?

What story does this collection tell? 

Erika: The beginning of a really nice and strong relationship between Lara and I! It’s a collection that represents the beginning of a journey working collaboratively and with this, the best start ever!

 Describe the 'La Forme Woman’ 

Lara: The La Forme woman is essentially made for all women, inclusively. We want women from all walks of life to feel confident in our designs, irrespective of their age, culture or story. 

Erika: Strong and independent - likes to wear comfortable pieces but with a fine design.