Like Mother, Like Daughter...

In sewing and fashion design, a pattern is the template from which the parts of a garment are traced onto fabric before being cut out and assembled to create a piece. Similarly, through the continuum of life, we become an artwork – an assembled curation – of every lasting impression, significant connection, experience and passion to touch our hearts.
Perhaps one of the most nuanced and impactful universal archetypes to leave an imprint on our respective working parts – our mind, heart, body, soul – is the Mother.
In honour of those who came before us and their lasting image that is now carried and reflected, nuanced as our own, we asked three St. Agni women about their own mother’s style and how it has created the pattern for their own…

Words - Ellen Watts @_theatelier_


Ines – Stylist:

I always remember my Mum's passion for noble long-lasting fabrics. I can recall her checking the tags inside garments to check the quality. Quality over quantity and good timeless basics are what describes her style and what I always aim for. What I also definitely inherited from her is my love for accessories. A good pair of earrings, a necklace, a scarf, a belt, or a bag. That one item that was essential to complete an outfit, that was plain without it. We would always have lunch and dinner as a family, and even though we were home, this always seemed like an occassion, so we had to be well dressed. It was our moment of the day in which we all shared our events of the day and would always be our very special family ritual.

Erika - Designer:

I have little memory of my mother having influenced my style and we have always had very different tastes! I can say that my grandmother and my godmother, who is my mother's eldest sister, have influenced me a lot. They have always been very elegant, always liked neutral colours, antique jewellery! I remember spending hours in my grandmother's closet playing dress up with her clothes, shoes and jewellery. She loved that and she never cared that me and my cousins played with her things! Nowadays , my grandmother style has changed a bit, but my godmother still one of the most chic women I know.

Lara - Founder: 

Growing up I have so many fond memories of my mum and the way she put things together. It was her who truly taught me that "less is more" and how to put an outfit together in the simplest way and to never overdo it. Her Jewellery is minimal and timeless, she has always been one to wear one good quality piece over ever-changing fashion pieces. Her colour palate has always remained the same and is something she has handed down to me - natural, White, Black and Denim. She instilled my love for natural fabrics and good quality products. We still share this love together, it's one of the many things that bind us.