Focus: Self-love & Self-care

This Valentine's Day, the St Agni team are pausing to reflect within because whatever relationships we hold as lovers, daughters or friends, true love will always begin with oneself. 

The concept of self-care is deeply personal and dependent on the internal rhythms of your own drum. Taking a moment to check-in and discover what those rhythms are is the greatest gift you can give to yourself, and in turn, the loved ones around you.  

We over at St. Agni pledge to purchase gifts this Valentine's Day that reflect a broader ethos of connection and self-care. 

Lauren Trend’s self-practice Work Book encourages ‘intentional journaling’ as a form of getting in touch with ideas, intentions and internal rhythms that promote self-care. Whether as a love-letter to a partner, close friend or oneself, the SP Work Book encourages time spent on the cultivation of the self. If the quality of love you can give to others is relational to the love you have for yourself, then we can’t think of any better way of spending Valentine’s day than getting to know yourself just that little bit better.