St. Agni Australian Made Denim Collection

For the woman who gravitates towards a life lived more consciously, our latest denim range responds to the question that sits central to St. Agni’s design: how can style and sustainability cohabit the same space? Unashamedly tackling the complexity of this question, our denim capsule collection seeks to profoundly change the way we interact with what we wear by demanding that we are responsible for where our clothing comes from. 

Join us for a deep-dive into the manufacturing process of our latest denim range. 

The Textile

Our denim has been carefully selected for both its superior handfeel and its sustainable accreditation. In choosing a denim supplier, we were adamant to prove that dressing sustainably does not equate to sacrificing style or comfort. Our denim has been milled in Turkey according to global standards that ensure a minimal environmental footprint and the integrity of the denim fibres is retained.
Our reasons for sourcing a denim that is ethically and efficiently produced from field-to-fabric are two-fold: because we value each and every worker involved in its production and because we value the women who will wear it. 

St. Agni's Australian Made Denim Collection
St. Agni's Sustainable Denim Collection
The Construction

Our denim collection has been crafted, at home, in Australia. We are proud of not only our support of local industries but also of our commitment to sustainability. In manufacturing our denim on-shore, we have been able to maintain full oversight of the entire process of production and ensuring we stay true to the rich history of Australian denim culture. 

St. Agni's Australian Made Denim CollectionSt. Agni's Sustainable Denim Collection
The Product

Our denim collection reflects a commitment to timeless styles and classic cuts. We collaborated with an experienced denim designer to create a capsule collection of denim that is meant to be worn day after day, to laugh and love and move in. Inspired by vintage silhouettes, we sought to recreate our favourite pairs of well-worn jeans with a modern feel.

At the heart of St. Agni’s mission is the belief that an empowered woman is one who can move through the world with confidence and ease. Sensitive to the nuances of the moving body, our denim was crafted to fit with the comfort of a second skin. Multi-functional enough for the everyday, minimalist uniform, stepping into our denim was designed to feel empowering, comforting and familiar - like finally arriving home.

St. Agni's Sustainable Denim Collection