Focus: St. Agni Mothers

In celebration of Mother’s Day we turn our focus inwards, shining a light on two extraordinary mothers that lead St. Agni and are the creative backbone behind our brand. We sat down with our Creative Director and Co-founder, Lara Fells, and Head Designer, Erika Toscano, to ask them each 3 questions about being a mum.

To all of our mother figures, we want to wish you the happiest of Mother’s Days. 

What is one life lesson you hope your son/daughter will keep with them forever?
I want to teach Jude to be kind, kind to other people but also kind to himself… I want him to grow up confident knowing that he can do whatever he wants. Erika: To walk her own path and to never let anyone tell her who to be, just be herself. I want Pippa to live her own life, to always trust her gut and to learn from her mistakes to become a better person each and every day. 

What is one thing your son/daughter has taught you?
Lara: Jude has taught me that everything I will ever need to be happy is right here, under this roof! That chasing "more" actually doesn't make you happy - these moments with him are what makes my life rich. Jude's taught me to be more patient and selfless, that was a hard lesson to learn. Erika: To be a mum. Pippa has taught me to be patient and to be even stronger than I ever was.

What are you most looking forward to in the future as a mother?
I have a vision of cooking for my whole family, Matt, Jude and his partner and children and for the children I'm yet to have and their families. We would be sitting at a big table in the garden drinking wine and eating pasta, laughing and playing. Erika: To see her become a strong, kind and loving woman, one that she is already becoming. I am looking forward to seeing her become the best woman that she can be, wherever her life may take her and whatever path she chooses.