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In Her Shoes: Bianca Gregg

B is the Global Sales Director and Founder of the fashion wholesale and consultancy company Del Rainbow. If you ask her though, B will tell you that she is actually a storyteller and that it’s her true motivation to share the authentic message and intention of the people and brands she represents to the world. On a personal level her wish is to encourage others to be unapologetically themselves. To shine their individual light and fulfil their upmost potential to impact our world for the better in any big or small way.

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In Her Shoes: Erika Toscano

We came to learn that Ziah is the embodiment of a woman who seeks solace in her thoughts and daydreams. She is illuminated by knowledge, creative talent and an enlightened soul. A bold individual, fond of travelling and lives unknown she is captivated by mystery, spirituality and all things unusual. Ziah is an enigma, and ultimately the external projection of Erika’s true self. 

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In Her Shoes: Stacey Burt

Stacey’s vision and her ability to instil it in those around her is shared through daily empowerment. LTCO and all those who contribute to its flourishing genuinely appear to embody the philosophy that beauty comes from the inside out – that it is not made, but rather cultivated through how we live, what we eat and (perhaps most importantly) how we think.

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In Her Shoes: Sophie Monet

For this special Father’s Day edition of In Her Shoes, we spoke to Sophie Monet Okulick, daughter of American artist John Okulick. Sophie and John create together, working side-by-side in their Californian family woodshop. John is a sculptor and Sophie handcrafts jewellery and accessory items that bestow an ease of wear and a natural, earthy appeal.

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In Her Shoes: Rosa Park

Cereal is a biannual, travel and style magazine based in the UK. Each issue highlights a select number of destinations, alongside engaging interviews and stories on unique design, art and fashion. In speaking to the dynamic and engaging founding editor Rosa Park recently, I was swept into dreamy inspiration by her assertion, passion and openness.

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