Focus: Cultivating a Workspace

The spaces we occupy shape who we are and how we behave and it is no surprise that our surroundings play a significant part of our psychological wellbeing and creative performance.  
Given that many of us spend years working in the same room, or even at the same desk, it makes sense to organise and optimise these spaces in the most beneficial way possible. 
As we slowly realign ourselves to a much more considered way of life, with an increased level of awareness to our surroundings and behaviours, we hope to carry with us lessons learnt. To not disregard comfort or functionality and to honour slowness in our lives as much as possible.  
Join us as we rediscover and reimagine working spaces. 


Light, sound and scent are some of the most important factors when creating a workspace that drives productivity, creativity and uplifts oneself. Natural light through a nearby window is known to enhance one’s mood and productivity, connecting you to the outside world. When working from home, transitioning your workspace to a patio or balcony should never be disregarded. 
Sound and scent may be commonly overlooked but we recommend taking the time to consider their impact. Allow sound to be absorbed through soft furnishings, like a rug, chair or cushions, and relieve tension and stress with bright scented candles or essential oils. 


Take the time to consider your essential items and clear your workspace. A clean and clutter-free workspace makes for clear and clutter-free thoughts. Filing and storing away non-essential items may take a few additional minutes but will lift productivity and relive any daily stresses.  
Instead of occupying your desk space with paperwork or files why not select objects and items that bring a sense of joy to your daily routine. A hand-made mug, water decanter, oil diffuser or magazine could transform your space from somewhere you ‘must’ be to somewhere you ‘want’ to be. 

Where possible, bring nature inside. There is something therapeutic about the simplicity of nature and the act of caring for it. Select a green office companion that is suited for your workspace and the amount of light it receives. Seek joy in the routine of watering it and welcome its ability to offer tranquillity, reduce noise and filter the air around you.