At Home: Sarah Shabacon

We’ve been long-distance friends with the ever inspiring Sarah Shabacon for almost four years now. Mother of two insanely adorable boys, Sarah is based in Vancouver and has remained a shining light throughout our Instagram feed, with her perfectly curated, golden and neutral toned palette. She is also the master-mind behind vintage online boutique Bohème Goods. For our final instalment of our ‘At Home Series’ , we chat with Sarah about life at home as both Mother and Business owner. 
Where are you from, and how did you come to be living life as you know it?
Just outside Vancouver, Canada. I was born and raised here but as a teen spent time in Germany and Tanzania which changed my outlook on what life could look like for someone from my small town. My husband and I found out we were having a son when I was 20, so I quit my job working in an office to focus on my mental and physical health in preparation. When my son Isaac (now 7) was a few months old I began sewing and selling hair accessories…I did this for a few years and although it was a successful business, I found myself spending more time at vintage shops and decided to start from scratch and open Bohème Goods. I honestly thought I would sell 3 or 4 items a month and things would be slow again, but I was incredibly fortunate to have grown in a rather rapid but organic way. 
Please tell us about your online store Bohème Goods?
I realized about a year into running Bohème that it was a curation of my mind. The things I love to surround myself with and the things I love to wear. It’s what has made running a business on my own such a rewarding journey. 
What are your favourite at home rituals? 
Sitting on the patio reading while the boys play outside. In the morning I turn on music and open all the windows to let the sunlight in before waking our boys.

What are you currently listening to?
A lot of old school Jazz artists such as Sun Ra and His Arkestra lately. My father in-law was a photographer in New York in the 1960’s and ran with some of the greatest musicians of that time. It’s been a cool way to connect with some of our families history and get into a new genre. On a much less chill note, I am a huge Unsolved Crime Podcast nerd!!

What’s inspiring you right now?  
Old art books - with things having slowed down over the past months I’ve gotten time to really dig into our bookcase and re-read some of my favourite books.

What are you grateful for? 
My families health. We’ve had a hard year of losses and health scares so to be together and healthy right now is something I’m so grateful for.

Favourite thing about your home? 
All the natural light we get, when we bought our town-home this wasn’t something we even considered as important but after living here for 8 years we realize that it sets the mood every single day.

If you could give your younger selves any advice based on everything you know now, what would it be? 
To leave it to the universe.

How do you end your day? 
A long warm shower followed by stretching and slow exercise to meditative music before tucking the boys into bed.