Focus: Vermeer Jewellery

A creative endeavour formed by two friends, Vermeer Jewellery is for women who embody effortlessness when dressing. It’s about balance, with a playful and feminine sensibility. Their unique designs are hand-crafted in Australia using a variety of materials, from freshwater pearls to gemstones. We speak with Tané and Gabriel of Vermeer Jewellery about the conception of Vermeer, their inspirations, style and daily rituals.

Can you tell us about Vermeer and how it has come to be?
Growing up, we always talked about doing something together when we left school. Our creative styles really complimented one another, so we knew together we might be able to create something special. We pursued creative endeavours individually after school & continued to dream up ideas whenever we had a moment over a vino or two. It wasn’t until Gabriel fell pregnant with her first baby that we really felt our ‘now or never’ moment and it was then that Vermeer Studio was born.

What does the creative process for Vermeer collections look like?
We both find grounding in nature, Tané in the ocean and Gabriel more so in the countryside. The way nature makes you feel and evokes emotion is what we want women to feel when they wear our pieces and so a lot of our forms, movement and colour is inspired from that. This often means we don’t stick to traditional seasonal launches but launch new pieces as we feel truly inspired.
Respectively how would you both describe your own personal style and how has it evolved overtime?
Tané: My style is very much driven by my mood. Some days I love colour & fun prints while other days I love neutral tones for a simpler look. I also really appreciate quality, classic pieces paired together with other interesting more unique pieces and always finish my look with Vermeer Jewellery. I love collecting old and new pieces that I know I will have forever. Some of my favourite pieces are the older pre owned ones I have collected over time from my travels.

Gabriel: My style has always revolved around clean lines with moments of colour & prints and of course with Vermeer accessories. My mum taught me as a girl that it was better to save up for lifelong pieces that are quality and transcend trends, than opt for fast fashion or seasonal dressing. Now that I am a mum myself, I find myself drawn to natural fibres that will be soft on skin, durable and easy to clean when those grubby little fingers cling to them. 

What does balance look like to each of you with you both respectively being mothers and pursuing Vermeer?
Gabriel: Balance or a slower pace has always come quite naturally to me. However, since having my second bub, I have had to be a bit more conscious about how I spend my time. I’ve had to really be mindful about switching off from work when I am not at the studio so I can be fully present at home and with my babes, this is important to me.
Tané: We are lucky in that we both move at a similar pace and prefer to do things well and slowly rather than to rush and risk our peace and creativity. Gabriel is my inspiration in this. She moves between being a mother and designer and businesswoman so gracefully and seems to carry it all so naturally. I am preparing to meet my own first child at the end of the year and so am also beginning to think more about the art of balance. I have a beautiful community around
me though, so I know I will have all the support I need.

What & who inspires you?
Gabriel: My biggest inspiration in my life is my mum, she is the strongest woman I know and somehow is also the most graceful. She is my closest friend and biggest supporter; I learn so much from her.

Tané: My mamma and pappa are my hero’s. They have one of those crazy romantic loves, where they still dance together in the kitchen. They have always felt their truths very strongly and have loved each other and us kids fiercely. For everything they have instilled in me, I am so grateful. I am so blessed that my family are my closest friends.

What is the best piece of advice you have been given?
Tané: My parents have always given us both really good, handy pieces of advice for life that seem to pop into our minds just at the right times in certain situations, but there would be too many to list here. Right now, one piece of advice that really resonates with us and one we read from a short story is "To not see the world through the printed headlines, but to to see the world through the people that surround you. To see the world with the realization that we love big. Therefore, choose to write your own headlines."
What are your morning and evening rituals?
Gabriel: My morning and evening rituals are not very whimsical but are still my favourite, I am a mum! I wake up to a kiss from my husband and then one of my babes calling for me or climbing over me and because toddlers are instantly hungry, we go straight to the kitchen. So, I make breakfast and always a big mug of coffee, then sit on the floor and play Lego until it’s time to get dressed.

My evening routine is much the same. My husband and I take turns cooking or looking after the kids. We always prioritize eating as a family and then start the bedtime routine. Once the kids are asleep my husband and I get to debrief on the day and enjoy the stillness together. One thing that I can’t live without are my essential oils. I love picking out which oils will best ground me for the day ahead. I find this little ritual really helps me to have a moment of calm to myself.

Tané: My morning rituals are slow and simple at the moment. I wake up every morning with the sun and sit on our balcony with a big cup of tea & some breakfast while watching the whales during this time of the year. Some mornings I take this time to read & others I just sit and watch the ocean. I try to stay off my phone and emails during this quiet time. Now that the weather is starting to warm up, I have begun embracing a morning walk on the sand, whilst listening to a podcast. 

At sunset, my partner and I find our way to the same spot after work, always with a cold beverage to end the day. This is my favourite, most grounding time of the day as we get to relax and talk about our days, the world and anything else we have on our hearts. We then make our way to the kitchen and cook a meal together. Teamwork is big in our house which I love.

When do you feel most creatively fulfilled?
We feel really fulfilled when we bounce off each other’s energy and ideas to create a new concept. There is not much more fulfilling creatively than the moment where you both instantly love what you have created. Also, when all the hard work comes together and we see our designs heading out to people’s mailboxes. It is just so wonderful to know people are feeling the same way about our pieces as we do.