Split into two parts, WOMAN speaks true to one who dresses with purpose and embraces their strength and individuality. A staple wardrobe for our new normal. Nothing excess, simply pieces you will wear time and time again, forming a new dress code for the contemporary minimalist. Exploring sustainable fabrics, featuring hemp, silk and Tencel.

We sit down with Co-founder and Creative Director, Lara Fells, and Head Designer, Erika Toscano, to discuss the collection, their inspirations behind the pieces and what they are wearing this season.


When beginning the creative process for WOMAN what did you intend to create?
We intended to create functional pieces that we can feel well-dressed in anywhere, from the streets to work and home - without losing comfort. 
Lara: We wanted to create a strong collection that is empowering to wear. We thought about our lives and what kind of clothing we needed in our wardrobes to achieve this, pieces that we would feel confident in but also pieces that can practically serve us in our day-to-day activities.

WOMAN draws on timeless styles and well-made tailoring where did you seek your inspiration for this collection?
Our inspiration for the collection focused on those around us, how they dress to feel empowered and comfortable at the same time, but also what they wanted to be wearing in this ever-changing world. We kept the silhouettes strong and the palate very neutral and focused predominately on texture and materials.
Erika: The inspiration is the modern and busy women of our times – the multi-taskers.

This collection has been inspired by the modern woman, what does being a woman in 2021 mean to you?
Being a woman in 2021 to me means to be strong, have a voice, even though there may be road blocks, to continue to follow your dreams and goals. It's also about juggling everything in-between and still be able to live your own life.
Lara: When we refer to "Woman" we really wanted it to encompass all women, acknowledging that there is so much diversity on so many different levels – What I hope is that being a woman in 2021 allows us to be who we want, and do what we want – to feel safe, empowered and respected.

Were there any unexpected challenges or learnings during the creation of WOMAN?
We were developing this collection in 2020, it was a year full of challenges and learnings - I think the main thing I took away from this period was to be grateful for everything we have.
Erika: I feel like every collection is challenging, in particular the challenges of sourcing the most sustainable options.

This collection captures contemporary minimalism, how does this resonate with your own approach to your individual style?
I gravitate towards garments for their feel, investing in pieces made with purpose from natural materials is essential to me. I focus on versatile pieces in neutral tones that I know I will wear for years to come. We always try to carry these qualities into our collections. 
Erika: Being a single mother and far away from my family (they are all in Brazil) made me change my day to day style as I'm always on a the go and busy, so I try to dress myself basic, comfortable but well-dressed. 

This collection explores the theme of transformation, is there a particular time where you have undergone this kind of transformation in your own lives whether it be style wise, in your professional or personal lives?
Erika: Ohh yes.... I could spend hours talking about my transformation. I changed places so many times in life that I sometimes feel like a chameleon. I adapt to my new lifestyle, my new environment, the new weather, the new people in my life. I feel that it's important to experience things in life to find out what you like and what is important for you.
Lara: Becoming a mother was the biggest transformation I have been through, learning to become selfless and balance motherhood, running a business, being a good wife and friend. 

How have you been wearing or styling your favourite pieces from the collection?
Lara: I'm 15 weeks pregnant so have been enjoying all of the drawstring waist bands in this collection. The Norma Silk Pants have been a staple with the Oriol Oversized Shirt and the Toyo Knit for a sleeveless option. I like wearing versatile pieces that can take me from the office to dinner. 
Erika: I've been wearing a lot of my knit sets - knit pants with the Amelia Tunic, Tau Blazer and Gio Sandals Ecru. Also the Norma Silk Pants with the Knit Blazer or the Jorn Fisherman Knit Jumper.

This collection blends fluidity and structure, do we see these themes cross into your creative process/lives?
Yes 100%, fluidity is a nice way of putting it - My life in general is structured with work, but in saying that it’s quite flexible and fluid and I’m happy to take things as they come. I like to refer to it as organised chaos. 
Erika: Yes, always.