In Her Shoes: Teneille Sorgiovanni

In this edition of In her Shoes we speak to Teneille Sorgiovanni about her art, passion and inspiration. Friend of the brand and contributor to the St. Agni vision, we have been lucky enough to work with leading make-up director over the years. Watching as she fearlessly takes leaps of faith, following her career to New York & London before returning home as a now, freelance Sydney based make up artist working with us on our most recent runway at Afterpay Australian Fashion Week in partnership with MAC Cosmetics. 

In your own words, tell us what you do?
I'm a Makeup Artist based in Sydney. I love what I do and I have been fortunate enough to learn and work in the industry whilst living in London and New York before returning home. I make yearly trips to major capitals for Fashion Week, working alongside some of the most iconic Makeup Artists as part of their show teams, however my travels have been put on hold due to Covid.

What does a normal day in the life look like for you?
It's difficult at times to commit to a daily routine as a freelance artist with call times varying but I usually start my morning with lemon and warm water and black coffee. If I can squeeze in a pilates session or 15 min meditation before work then it's a bonus. I don't usually wear makeup, I have always been aligned to a more natural look so I do treat myself to a 5 min face massage with my Gua Sha (currently going between Pai Organic Rosehip oil and Biossance Squalene + Vitamin C) It detoxifies and stimulates blood flow which makes the skin look tighter and brighter for an all over healthy glow.

What are you passionate about?
To name a few, I'm passionate about health, wellbeing and self development. I'm always willing to learn and explore new things throughout my work and personal life. Im passionate about sustainability, I'm always trying to remember that our ecosystem is fragile and to make conscious and considerate choices in effort to give back to mother nature.

What inspires you?
It's difficult to pinpoint, there are so many things and the people around me that inspire me daily. Right now however, I'm revisiting the romantic, dream-like, painterly makeup found in works of photographers such as Sarah Moon and Paolo Roversi. The romantic, ethereal moods that at times reference classical history of art and elegant almost mystical female figures, is so beautiful.

What are your personal superpowers?
I can cook up a mean pasta! I love bringing friends and family together over food. When it comes to shoot days, I share a little magic by placing a drop of ayurvedic oil on my wrist. The scent creates a space for calmness whilst massaging the models face as part of my skin prep before makeup is applied. There is a sense of connection and a moment for breath before the shoot begins.

Tell us about your artwork, lipstick and thread, how did this come to be?
The idea started a few years back, I couldn't part with throwing out lipsticks that were past their use-by date, no longer safe to apply on models and destined for landfill, I wanted to make something beautiful for the home. As a makeup artist and dabbling a little in painting and drawing. I looked at this as an alternate medium. The colours, different textures and luxury of them. I felt that there was something further to explore. Lipstick and thread plays on layers of colour, shape and form in an abstract expression on linen or board. Sometimes the lipstick takes its own path; bleeding into the linen and shifting shape (similar to the way in which it can bleed into the edges of lips). A malleable product that requires patience and cooperation, resulting in the perfect imperfections both intentional and unexpected.
When you aren’t working - where can you be found? What do you do in your spare time?
Currently you can find me on the floor in my sunroom where I've created a makeshift studio. I normally have a podcast playing or music blaring depending on my mood. I'm working on a new series of artworks that's inspired by my childhood growing up in small town Harvey, Western Australia. Otherwise almost any opportunity I can get, I'm down at the beach for a dip. Swims at Bronte pools are still a recurring favourite.

What does beauty look like to you?
I think it's instinctual, it may be about exploring your inner and outer beauty or expressing yourself with Makeup by creating your own beauty trend. There's something really powerful in what makes you feel most confident and comfortable. It's individuality and uniqueness.......freedom, that's beauty.

If you could give your younger self advice based on everything you know, what would It be?
To be patient, relax, trust your intuition and believe in yourself. There is ample time ahead of you to fulfill your dreams.