In Her Shoes: Sara Crampton

Sara Crampton, creator of minimalist fashion and beauty blog, Harper and Harley, founded The UNDONE in 2016. One of the original fashion bloggers, Sara is one of Australia's best known and most followed, sharing her minimalist and neutral wardrobe which is carefully curated with versatile and considered pieces.

A mother, a business woman, a leader in the fashion industry and a long-time inspiration and St. Agni muse, there is no question as to why we wanted to speak with Sara, delve deeper into her personal style, her work and her business THE UNDONE
In your own words, please tell us what you do…
I’m the owner, founder and buyer of a beautiful and curated online store based in Sydney that strips bare all colour and instead focuses on helping women curate a functional wardrobe utilising a neutral palette. When I found this way of dressing in my early twenties it completely changed my life and it had a big impact on my self confidence and how my clothes played a part in finding my own voice.  

I’ve also been running my blog and social account Harper and Harley over the last 10 + years and still really enjoy working with brands to help create content and communicate their brand, collections and products to a like minded audience. 

Please describe the essence of The Undone...
We want to offer a really functional curation of products that women want to wear again and again and that can be worn styled back with everything in their wardrobe. I hate the idea that we have pieces in our wardrobe that are never worn, or worn only once or twice and want to encourage women to buy consciously and for themselves.

What influences your style for both your personal style and home / lifestyle?
Both are very much intertwined, when I first cut out colour from my wardrobe I did so because it felt too loud, too ‘look at me’ for my personality. It made me extremely self conscious when I wore colour. I love how I can feel calm and quiet in more muted tones, and it gives my more reserved personality a chance to be heard rather than the clothes shouting over the top of me. 

The same can be said for the way we style the home. It’s, even more so now, a place where we spend the majority of our time, or if you are going into the office a place to come back to, to recharge. I need my home to be a place of calm, and a neutral and warming palette is able to achieve this for me. 

I love using complementing tones but with interesting textures. Like natural materials and natural stones. I don’t want my home to feel too clinical or a museum either, it needs to be homely, warm, soft and welcoming. Just like my clothes I like my interiors to have subtle detailing and beautiful craftsmanship. 
How being a new mother has changed your style?
My little boy is now 8 months old and my personal style and my relationship with my clothes has just come out of a period of hibernation. As my body slowly returns to something closer to what it was before I fell pregnant and I start to wear my old clothes again I’ve been feeling more like me. It’s quite amazing how clothes, for me at least, have such a strong connection to my identity. 

I’ve always loved wearing pants and now it’s almost a must as I’m always on the go and up and down from the floor with him. I think i’m even more relaxed with my style, but I still want to look and feel put together. 

What are your thoughts on the future of our industry? What do you see changing and what excites you most about this?
I’ve personally really sunk into this year as a year of reflection, learning and actioning change. We need to take the opportunity that 2020 has given us and not let it be wasted. For the UNDONE it means focusing on what we’re really good at, curating beautiful well made wardrobe essentials that last and letting go of the rest. The industry needs to slow down, stop oversupplying, stop marking up to discount. It needs to be more inclusive on all fronts and have sustainability front of mind. I’m really excited to see how everyone is going to put these changes into action and 2021 should look and sound like a very different year. 

What are three things that are inspiring you right now?
This year has actually been really inspiring. It’s been a hard one but seeing how the community is coming together and pushing for change is lighting a fire in me. 
My UNDONE team has been incredible, I’ve really had to take a step back this year and I’ve felt so fortunate to have such an incredible group of women hold the fort and take so much care of the business. 

My son is definitely inspiring. I’m so proud of him. Watching him learn and grow each day makes me want to be a better mother and human so I can be the best role model I can be for him. 
How would you style St.Agni pieces and what is your favourite head to toe look?
I love the Hiro long sleeve knit, it’s such a good elevated base that works really well tucked into jeans or pants like the Jerry Pants. I also love a simple slip on sandal, and the woven leather is so beautiful. 

Who is your style muse? 
I have so many, and love to follow women from all over the world. Some accounts I love would be @emmaeelwin, @tylynnnguyen, @anoukyve  and @alexisforeman. They’re all mothers who have a very curated and relaxed 'less is more' approach to style.

What is it that you love most about working in fashion? 
It’s something that everyone can relate to and feel connected with. We wear clothes everyday and even on a subconscious level when we’re picking out what to wear each day we’re curating and using clothes to self identify or project who we want to be. 

If you could give your younger self any advice based on everything you know now, what would it be? 
Go at your own pace and try not to get caught up in superficial expectations. Follow your gut at every turn and be slow to make decisions.