St. Agni clothing, footwear and accessories are crafted around the globe, using natural materials and following artisanal and modern-day techniques. Quality, comfort and longevity are at the core of all St. Agni pieces - special and considered care is needed to ensure your purchase does not damage.


Caring for your footwear is an important part of owning leather-soled shoes. Leather shoes are intended to last for years, however, it is important to note that leather soles must be replaced and protected. While there is no standard guide or protection we do recommend reviewing your intentions of wear to determine what is best.

For everyday wear, outdoors or wet climates we recommend that your local shoe repairer or cobbler to attach a thin rubber sole to your new shoes. This will protect and waterproof your soles and extend the life of your shoes.

Natural leather protector is recommended before wear. Keep out of direct sunlight to avoid fading and avoid wet weather.

Please note that while our team takes the upmost care in selecting our hides, leather is a natural product and differs from hide to hide. We expect small variations in colour due to the hand dyed nature of our product.

Marks and variations in the leather are not considered a fault but are inherent to the natural beauty and uniqueness of the leather.

It is also a good idea to polish/condition leather shoes to maintain their appearance and extend their lifetime. 


If you've invested in suede shoes, treat them with a protective suede water resistant before wear, this is also necessary with suede bags and clutches. We recommend Jason Markk Repel 

Another great product for suede care is a delicate suede brush. We recommend Suede Cleaning Kit