Launching Tuesday 30th June 2020

Our upcoming collection, UKIYO, explores the symbiotic relationship between function and shape. 

Taking cues from the utilitarianism of Japanese workwear and the sculptural articulations of Isamu Noguchi, UKIYO is an ode to the timeless appeal of organic forms. Combining the brute beauty of practicality with effeminate accents and exaggerated silhouettes, each piece seeks to harmonise the feminine and masculine elements naturally occurring in nature whilst gesturing towards a philosophy of understanding simplicity.

Crafted from natural fibres, our latest collection reflects a commitment to sustainable practices that seek to honour and protect the landscapes from which we draw our inspiration. Our innovative collection of hemp, bamboo, raw silk and linen honours the sensual aspects of dressing oneself, namely, the interplay between texture and touch and was crafted for the woman that dresses with all five senses in mind.

As we begin to realign ourselves to the rhythms of everyday life outside the home, there are certain comforts we will continue to carry with us as reminders of what we have learnt.

The UKIYO collection is centred around the notion of transition — from masculine to feminine, internal to external, physical to immaterial. With an attitude of hope, we look towards a future where 'slowness' is appreciated as a strength rather than a weakness, as we transition to a life lived with ever greater consideration for the important things in life.