Au Courant - Vol 05

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"Au Courant Vol 05 - ON REFLECTION - takes an introspective turn as we speed towards our supposedly glittering, post-pandemic future. But can we glean anything from looking into our past? Especially when peering into memory is a murky, distorted, and grossly warped process at very best?"

In conversation with a formidable group of artists and friends: SHANE HANSON on making a concrete space within the macrocosm; RODELL WARNER on the intersection of cyber selves and spiritual being; MAYA AAROHI on Bindali and the hyphenation of Nepalese and Maltese heritage; CARLOTA DOS SANTOS on navigating materiality through the body; ROBERT YOUNG on his iconic label THE CLOTH, and making clothes to dress the spirit; FENG FENG on sculptural sponges, sweeping, and the mechanisation of human experience; NOBLE DOUGLAS on motion, movement and a life in dance; ANNALIE PRIME on unpacking modern musicality in the Soca capital; Rhiannon Buckley on growing ETIKETTE's sustainable design approach beyond its beginnings in lockdown." 



  • 168 x 260mm
  • Uncoated Softcover
  • 100% Recycled Paper
  • Full Colour
  • 154 Pages
  • Advertising free