Jane Magazine

Jane by the Grey Attic - Issue 3


Jane. is an independently thinking and intellectually guided biannual publication. Shot entirely on film and printed on paper, the magazine explores the disciplines of art, photography, fashion and poetry.

In its romantic allegiance to simplicity, jane. reflects a sense of timeless beauty and understated imperfection. Pared back and effortlessly original, the strength in its foundation relies on a perfectly mastered and lived-in simplicity, supported and strengthened by unrestricted creativity, and a fierce commitment to story telling. 

jane. is a rejection of the normalisation of fast fashion and a renunciation of vision stunted by commerce. Slowing down the creation and consumption of art, the publication is changing the perception that print and creativity are disposable.

jane. is a slow art movement that’s been created with the upmost consideration to provide an authentic, progressive and timeless vision and voice.

jane. was founded and is directed and edited by Dean Bell and Annika Hein of The Grey Attic.

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