The Grey Attic

Jane by The Grey Attic - Issue 9

$45 AUD
The Blue Nights

Produced and developed independently issue nine of JANE features 348 pages of analogue photographic work, art, editorial, and poems.

Shot entirely on film, issue nine of JANE is dedicated to the stillness, the softness, and the silence. To the reclaiming of our essence and to being brave enough to revolt in the name of the self. To the recovery of our inner intention and inner strength, and to knowing our own medicine. To the dismantling of the matrix and the migration from harm to healing. To the underbellies and undercurrents and to who we are when we’re sitting in the silence. To the conversations from deep within and to letting love be our undoing. To the salt in the blood and our innermost world: may we know you, may we advocate for you, and may we be proud of you re-emerging with strength and compassion and deep understanding.

To the healing of our conditioning.
To the unclenching of our minds.
To a return to being.
To the blue (and beautiful) nights.


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