Founded in the coastal town of Byron Bay, Australia in 2014 by Lara & Matt Fells, St. Agni is a luxury lifestyle brand built from humble beginnings. The Label was created with a vision to create functional, refined, quality pieces that Lara couldn’t seem to find elsewhere.

Before the item is considered comes the concept and the feel of the collection. In another life Lara would have been an Architect Architecture and Art inspire St. Agni designs and surface time and time again in the initial concept. The company lives by their “Less is more” philosophy and practise this across all aspects of their business in an effort to avoid excess of any kind.

Well known for their cult woven footwear, Lara & Matt developed the team of Artisans they have worked alongside since the beginning. 

"The Artisans we work with are the foundation of our Business. We work closely with them from the design stage to the finished product. As our relationship has developed through work and friendship, we have developed a mutual respect with an understanding for each other and the product"

The Company cherish the handmade process, the art and creation that goes into each pair and the personal element involved. Hand made footwear is a slow process taking up to 10 hours to make on pair. Each item is a unique display of craftsmanship.