How to Measure Your Foot

To ensure you purchase the right fit, we recommend you first measure the length and Girth of your feet. 

Step1: Measuring the length of your foot

To measure your foot length, place a sheet of paper on the floor against the wall. Place your bare foot on the paper with the heel against the wall. Mark your longest toe on the paper and then measure the length from the wall to this mark.

Step 2: Measure your foot girth

Using a household tape - measure the widest part of each foot. Tape measure should be placed behind the little toe and over the joint of the big toe.

Measuring Tips

  • To ensure an accurate reading when measuring, flatten your foot by shifting your weight forward.

  • If your measurement is between two sizes, always move up to the larger size.

  • Be sure to measure both feet. Many people have feet of different sizes. Fit to the larger of the two.