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In Her Shoes: Libby Page

In speaking with the wonderful Libby Page, Fashion Market Editor for Net-A-Porter, we learnt that there is far more than just the surface black coffee and next key-trend putting wind into the wings of this highly passionate and dedicated woman.

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In Her Shoes: Amelia Fullarton

We hope that today (and everyday) you are able to press your own pause button and do something just for you, to celebrate you. After all, they say it’s the little things that matter most in life… a testament echoed back to us in our chat with friend, mother, photographer and muse, Amelia Fullarton.

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In Her Shoes: Jordana Henry

Pondering the various embodiments of the divine and sacred feminine were front of mind after meeting with Byron based visual artist Jordana (Jordi) Henry. We chatted about life in her lane, and what’s been inspiring her lately; including the female body and its representation through history in art. A theme we’re looking forward to seeing through her lens later this year in some upcoming solo exhibitions.

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In Her Shoes: Stacey Dooley

‘Serendipity’ is an term coined in the 1700’s, with origins in the English language that stem from a Persian fairy tale. It can be loosely defined as a happy accident; the good fortune of unintentionally discovering something wonderful. It’s also the best way to describe the turn of events that lead to Stacey Dooley becoming one of the most popular reporters on the BBC.

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In Her Shoes: Paige Geffen

In a material world driven by consumption-centric industries, finding balance, purpose and harmony in object selection is becoming the predominant thinking for those of us enabled enough to make conscious decisions. On the frontier of such movements are inspired, engaged and mindful individuals; including Paige Geffen from Object & Us.

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